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Genres: War , Drama
Actors: Errol Flynn , Basil Rathbone , David Niven , Donald Crisp , Melville Cooper , Barry Fitzgerald , Carl Esmond , Peter Willes , Morton Lowry , Michael Brooke , James Burke , Stuart Hall , Herbert Evans , Sidney Bracey , Leo Nomis
Director: Edmund Goulding
Country: United States
Year: 1938
IMDB Rating: 7.6/10 (1399 votes)

In 1915 France, Major Brand commands the 39th Squadron of the Royal Flying Corps. The young airmen go up in bullet-riddled “crates” and the casualty rate is appalling, but Brand can’t make the “brass hats” at headquarters see reason. Insubordinate air ace Captain Courtney is another thorn in Brand’s side…but finds the smile wiped from his face when he rises to command the squadron himself. Everyone keeps a stiff upper lip.

Film Review

Having not seen the Howard Hawks original made in 1930, I obviously have no frame of reference as regards if this remake does that particular film justice, but the evidence here suggests this Errol Flynn led piece can justifiably hold its head up high.It's World War 1 and we are in the company of the 59th Squadron in France, these brave airmen are the dawn patrol, the men {boys} who fly the most dangerous missions at the crack of dawn, this squadron has a high mortality rate such is the perilous nature of their duty. Capt. Courtney, Lt. Scott, and Maj. Brand are the main characters of the piece, and all three men are faced with mounting tensions and perhaps the spectre of impending tragedy?This film is one of those pieces that drives home the harshness of war whilst pumping the blood at the bravery of those involved. Here we witness young men literally ecstatic at the chance to get up in the air and fight the enemy; and this with very few hours actual flight experience behind the…

Flying aces go out on World War 1 missions, while they know that many of them shall not return, especially the younger inexperienced pilots.Basil Rathbone is the squadron leader who appears to be sadistic in handing out the assignments. David Niven and Errol Flynn are at his throat regarding this. To get even with them, when Rathbone is promoted, he recommends Flynn as his replacement. Who comes along? Niven's younger brother, inexperienced and ready to fly. Obviously, Niven doesn't want him up in the air but there is nothing that Flynn can do. We have to follow orders, and it's duty above all. You don't have to be a wizard to next guess what occurs and who is blamed for this.Flynn takes to the skies to since he is upset with what happened to Niven's brother.This patriotic movie is a good one but is quite obvious from beginning to end.Interesting that this 1938 film starred Flynn, Rathbone and Melville Cooper. They all were in the Robin Hood film that same year.

Unfortunately this was not the war to end all wars and the world was on the brink of WWII when this film was made. It revisits the horror of the slaughter of WWI and in this case, concentrates on the British flying aces of the air. It's a study in contrasts but underneath the camaraderie and black humor of the pilots, lies the bitterness and futility of their job. Sent on doomed missions, they were fodder for the war machine.The British cast is excellent and contains most of the British actors then working in Hollywood film……..(the only person missing is C. Aubrey Smith). Errol Flynn proves here that he can act and has great support from David Niven, Basil Rathbone and Donald Crisp. Also present are Barry Fitzgerald and Melville Cooper. Both Flynn and Rathbone are given a chance to show their serious side as they are faced with sending green recruits to certain death against a superior German air force, led by von Richter (von Richtofen I suppose).This is an excellent film an…